Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s so amazing how completely changing culture, surroundings, friends, and climate can show you so much about yourself.  I’ve been seeing different things pop up in me; strength that wasn’t there before, parts of me that are not actually “me”, but rather traits I have acquired from other people, and areas of vulnerability that I have been able to reveal.  I’ve been learning more about myself and seeking the Lord to help me find my identity in Him, rather than my identity in the world.
                              The weather here has been quite moody the past week or so; it doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to be grey and depressing, crisp and sunny, frigid and windy, or simply wet and freezing.  Friday night it was snowing outside, but it’s actually rather funny how I found out (for I didn’t notice right away).  I was on kitchen duty and needed to wash the floor, so I was walking through the dark hallway to get a mop.  As I neared the office door (going slowly for lack of light) suddenly Hannah flung the door open and leaped out right in front of me yelling something.  I gave a startled cry (for not only was it dark in the hallway, her exclamation was completely unexpected) and I fell to the floor, which made her laugh so hard she went on the floor as well.  We both laughed hysterically for a minute or so, rolling in the middle of the hallway and getting a surprised and confused look from Kelly who was walking by at the moment.  Hannah was excited about the snow and was going to proclaim it to the world, but I happened to be in her way at that moment and, apparently, gave her even more amusement because of my startled reaction.  leaping through the air right towards me. I in turn gave a startled cry and fell to the floor, which made her laugh so hard she went on the floor to and we were both laughing hysterically while rolling in the middle of the hallway for about a minute, it was pretty funny:) lol She was excited about the snow, and was going to proclaim it to the world but I happened to be in her way at that moment, which gave us both a story to tell and a good laugh. It's the second time she's scared me unintentionally haha
                              The Lord is working great things through this DTS, but there are constant obstacles to cross over along the way.  There are distractions, warfare, and challenges to conquer, all things defeated by prayer.  Thank you all for your prayers, they mean so much to me!



Monday, March 7, 2011

Beginning Week 6!

I have been learning more and more about the love God has for His creation, and the depth of His passion for us.  He’s helping me to understand that He doesn’t love me for what I do for Him, the way I respond to Him, or even because He sees Jesus in me; He loves me for me.  That is what we are on this earth for, to be loved and to love.  We are here because God loves us, period.  Yes we worship, yes we serve and pray and go to church and evangelize; we do all of the things “good Christians” do, but none of those things are why we are here.  Ahgggg, why is that so hard for us to understand?  Why is it so hard for me to understand?  I want to understand it, I want to know the love God has for me on a deeper level, I want to see myself and those around me the way He sees us; that is just about the most difficult thing to do in a performance-driven world where love and affirmation are earned. 
                              Last Saturday we went to the Lake District via bus and it was beautiful!  We walked around a lake called Derwent Water (by the town of Keswick) and although we didn’t go super far (we walked about thirty minutes in) it took hours because we stopped so many times to take picturesJ  We saw lots of sheep, geese, dogs, and grass, not to mention water and gorgeous scenery.  Kelly stayed behind to spend time with Ernest and Emma (Ernest is Kelly’s cousin and also the husband of Emma, the YWAM base leader).  Lisanne, Juil, Eva and I all went together and we hope to go again because it was so beautiful.